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Solved papers of MADHYA PRADESH P.S.C. (Pre) Exam., 2009-july 2011

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MADHYA PRADESH P.S.C. (Pre) Exam., 2009
Below find Solved papers of MADHYA PRADESH P.S.C. (Pre) Exam., 2009-july 2011
1. Who is the Arjun awardee in the field of yachting, belongs to Madhya Pradesh ?

(A) G. L. Yadav

(B) Shivendra Singh

(C) Sunil Keer

(D) Roopsingh Mallah

2. The Scientific Society was foun-ded by—

(A) Wilton Company

(B) Lord Cornwallis

(C) Sir Sayyid Ahmed Khan

(D) None of these

3. In whose Viceroyalty the ‘White Mutiny’ took place ?

(A) Lord Curzon

(B) Lord Minto

(C) Lord Ripon

(D) Lord Hardinge

4. Who called Bal Gangadhar Tilak, ‘The Father of Indian Unrest’ ?

(A) Lord Curzon

(B) Vincent Smith

(C) Valentile Chirol

(D) Henry Cotton

5. Who was the Commander-in-Chief of I.N.A. before Subhash Chandra Bose ?

(A) Giani Pritam Singh

(B) Capt. Mohan Singh

(C) Major Fuzihara

(D) Capt. Suraj Mal

6. Which one of the following was not known to the Harappans ?

(A) Construction of Wells

(B) Construction of Pillars

(C) Construction of Drains

(D) Construction of Arches

7. A copper chariot of Harappan times was discovered at—

(A) Kunal

(B) Rakhigarhi

(C) Daimabad

(D) Banawali

8. Who is said to have become the Chief of the Jain Sangh after the death of Mahavira ?

(A) Jambu

(B) Bhadrabahu

(C) Sthulabhadra

(D) Sudharma

9. Jivaka, the royal physician of Rajgrihi, was the son of the Ganika named as—

(A) Salavati

(B) Ramaniya

(C) Basantsena

(D) Amrapali

10. Who among the following rulers, has been mentioned as protector of Varna System ?

(A) Pushyamitra Sunga

(B) Kharvela

(C) Gautamiputra Satakarni

(D) Vasudeva

11. Who established Diwan-i-Mustakharaj ?

(A) Qutubuddin Aibak

(B) Razia

(C) Balban

(D) Alauddin Khalji

12. The historian Abul Fazl was killed by—

(A) Hemu

(B) Bairam Khan

(C) Udai Singh

(D) Bir Singh Deo Bundela

13. Omkareshwar hydro-electric power project generates—

(A) 450 MW (B) 520 MW

(C) 670 MW (D) 1000 MW

14. What is the area of Madhya Pradesh ?

(A) 380506 sq km

(B) 398207 sq km

(C) 308252 sq km

(D) 308595 sq km

15. The Atom bomb was dropped at Hiroshima on—

(A) August 6, 1945

(B) August 11, 1945

(C) August 9, 1945

(D) August 14, 1945

16. How many new child develop­ment projects are sanctioned in M.P. in the year 2009 ?

(A) 84 (B) 85

(C) 86 (D) 87

17. Who was the first Indian native ruler to accept the system of Subsidiary Alliance ?

(A) Scindia of Gwalior

(B) Nizam of Hyderabad

(C) Dalip Singh of Punjab

(D) Gaikwad of Baroda

18. India is called a Tropical country mainly on account of its—

(A) Latitudinal extent

(B) Longitudinal extent

(C) Areal size

(D) Tropical monsoon climate

19. Which one of the following is the busiest ocean route in the world ?

(A) Indian Ocean

(B) North Atlantic Ocean

(C) South Atlantic Ocean

(D) Pacific Ocean

20. Western Ghats are—

(A) Mountains

(B) Escarpment of Plateaus

(C) Plateaus

(D) Hills

21. Which one of the following types of erosion is responsible for the formation of Chambal ravines ?

(A) Splash (B) Sheet

(C) Rill (D) Gully

22. Tulbul project is associated with the river—

(A) Beas (B) Ravi

(C) Jhelum (D) Sutlej

23. Laterite soils are predominant in—

(A) Malabar Coastal Region

(B) Coromandal Coastal Region

(C) Bundelkhand

(D) Baghelkhand

24. Which state is the leading producer of Soybean in India ?

(A) Maharashtra

(B) Punjab

(C) Kerala

(D) Madhya Pradesh

25. Which is called the ‘Tiger State’ ?

(A) Rajasthan

(B) Madhya Pradesh

(C) Uttar Pradesh

(D) Jammu & Kashmir

26. Which state of India has the largest area under forest ?

(A) Assam

(B) Uttar Pradesh

(C) Himachal Pradesh

(D) Madhya Pradesh

27. The place Sabarimala is situated in which of the following states ?

(A) Andhra Pradesh

(B) Tamil Nadu

(C) Kerala

(D) Karnataka

28. Which of the following is also known by the name of Sahyadri Range ?

(A) Eastern Ghats

(B) Western Ghats

(C) Shiwaliks

(D) Vindhyas

29. The best coking coal is mostly obtained from—

(A) Neyveli (B) Raniganj

(C) Singrauli (D) Jharia

30. The oldest mountain ranges in India are—

(A) The Himalayas

(B) The Nilgiris

(C) The Vindhyas

(D) The Aravalli Hills

31. The Sardar Sarovar Project is being run on the river—

(A) Tapti (B) Godavari

(C) Narmada (D) Krishna

32. The Forest Research Institute is situated at—

(A) Mysore

(B) Dehradun

(C) Nagpur

(D) Ernakulum

33. Which one of the following is a low cloud ?

(A) Cirrocumulus

(B) Cirrostratus

(C) Altocumulus

(D) Nimbostratus

34. The planet which revolves very slowly around the sun, is—

(A) Pluto

(B) Jupiter

(C) Mars

(D) None of these

35. The line joining the areas having the same rainfall is called—

(A) Isobar (B) Isohyet

(C) Isotherm (D) Isohaline

36. Light Year is the—

(A) Distance travelled by light in one year

(B) Mean distance between the Earth and the Sun

(C) Mean distance between the Earth and the Moon

(D) Mean distance between the Sun and any planet

37. For a time difference of one hour the longitudinal distance is equal to—

(A) 15∞ (B) 30∞

(C) 45∞ (D) 60∞

38. Westerlies are the winds blowing over—

(A) Polar regions

(B) Land to sea during night and sea to land during the day

(C) In different directions depending upon the season

(D) Between 30∞–60∞ north and south latitudes of the equator

39. Benguela current is a—

(A) Warm ocean current

(B) Hot ocean current

(C) Cold ocean current

(D) None of these

40. The Mediterranean type of climate is found in—

(A) Florida

(B) California

(C) Central China

(D) Hungary

41. In which type of climate are coniferous forests found ?

(A) Savanna

(B) Mediterranean

(C) Siberian

(D) Hot desert

42. Sensex includes the following securities—

(A) 25 (B) 40

(C) 30 (D) 35

43. Which country is the largest producer of wool ?

(A) China (B) USA

(C) Australia (D) Britain

44. Proposed level of FDI in Insurance Sector is—

(A) 76 per cent

(B) 51 per cent

(C) 49 per cent

(D) 26 per cent

45. Scheme of Mid-day meals is not concerned with—

(A) Educational Advancement

(B) Social Equity

(C) Right to Food

(D) Child nutrition

46. Paul Krugman is a/an—

(A) Scientist

(B) Sportsman

(C) Banker

(D) Economist

47. ‘Dabbawala’ is located at—

(A) Bhopal (B) New Delhi

(C) Kolkata (D) Mumbai

48. Sri Dominique Strauss Khan is concerned with—

(A) Bank of America

(B) World Bank

(C) Bank of England


49. Which of the following states has the literacy rate lower than the national average ?

(A) Karnataka

(B) West Bengal

(C) Andhra Pradesh

(D) Maharashtra

50. Vijender is related with—

(A) Cricket (B) Kabaddi

(C) Boxing (D) Hockey

51. In which game does Suman Bala represent India ?

(A) Chess

(B) Women’s Hockey

(C) Shot-put

(D) Women’s Cricket

52. Who has won individual Gold medal for India in Beijing Olympic ?

(A) Sushil Kumar

(B) Vijender Kumar

(C) Abhinav Bindra

(D) Rajyavardhan Singh Rathod

53. Where is the largest Indoor Stadium in India ?

(A) Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, New Delhi

(B) Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata

(C) Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi

(D) None of the above

54. Indian Green is associated with—

(A) Santosh Trophy

(B) Challenger Trophy

(C) Rabo Bank Trophy

(D) Ranji Trophy

55. India has produced how many champions who have brought home the world chess titles ?

(A) 14

(B) 15

(C) 16

(D) None of these

56. Sir Alex Ferguson is associated with the following game—

(A) Cricket

(B) Football

(C) Hockey

(D) Volleyball

57. Number of nations participated in Third Commonwealth Youth Games, 2008—

(A) 69 (B) 71

(C) 73 (D) 75

58. Mohan Bhutia is associated with—

(A) Football (B) Shooting

(C) Wrestling (D) Chess

59. Who is Chairman of Sports Authority of India ?

(A) Sharad Pawar

(B) M. S. Gill

(C) Sunil Gavaskar

(D) Rajeev Shukla

60. Farvez Maharoof is a cricket player of—

(A) Bangladesh

(B) Pakistan

(C) Sri Lanka

(D) Indonesia

61. Lal Bahadur Shastri Stadium for Cricket is located in—

(A) New Delhi

(B) Chennai

(C) Hyderabad

(D) Mumbai

62. The only tribal sports school of M. P. is situated at—

(A) Sehore (B) Jhabua

(C) Alirajpur (D) Petlavad

63. Which game is declared as a state-sport in M.P. ?

(A) Kabaddi

(B) Kho-Kho

(C) Malkhamb

(D) Volleyball

64. Who has been decorated with the rank of honorary Lieutenant Colonel in Territorial Army ?

(A) Anil Kumble

(B) Kapil Dev

(C) Sachin Tendulkar

(D) Sunil Gavaskar

65. Who is the winner of Irani Trophy–2008 ?

(A) Rest of India

(B) Delhi

(C) Islamabad

(D) Kabul

66. Saina Nehwal is related with—

(A) Bridge

(B) Golf

(C) Tennis

(D) Badminton

67. Number of Districts in Madhya Pradesh is—

(A) 48 (B) 50

(C) 46 (D) 49

68. The lowest populated district of the M. P. State is—

(A) Dindori (B) Dhar

(C) Harda (D) Umaria

69. Cement factory located at Satna is established by—

(A) Ultra Teck

(B) Birla Corporation

(C) J. P. Cement


70. Amarkantak is situated in—

(A) Chhattisgarh

(B) U.P.

(C) Maharashtra

(D) M.P.

71. Chechai Waterfall is situated in—

(A) Jabalpur

(B) Rewa

(C) Indore

(D) Narsinghpur

72. Agriculture University is situated at—

(A) Indore

(B) Bhopal

(C) Jabalpur

(D) Sagar

73. Defence Vehicle Factory is situated at—

(A) Itarsi

(B) Chhindwada

(C) Khajuraho

(D) Jabalpur

74. Who is the leader of opposition in Vidhan Sabha of M. P. ?

(A) R. K. Pachoori

(B) Shyama Devi

(C) Jamuna Devi

(D) N. K. Singh

75. M. P. Open University is situated at—

(A) Satna (B) Indore

(C) Jabalpur (D) Bhopal

76. Rani Durgawati is associated with—

(A) Rewa (B) Gwalior

(C) Panna (D) Jabalpur

77. Urban Population of Madhya Pradesh as per last census survey is—

(A) 1·60 crore

(B) 1·70 crore

(C) 1·50 crore

(D) 1·80 crore

78. The density of population of Madhya Pradesh is—

(A) 201 persons per square km

(B) 196 persons per square km

(C) 198 persons per square km

(D) 199 persons per square km

79. Literacy rate of the Madhya Pradesh as per last census survey is—

(A) 63·2 per cent

(B) 63·7 per cent

(C) 63·3 per cent

(D) 63·5 per cent

80. Sex ratio of MP as per last census survey is—

(A) 919 females per 1000 males

(B) 920 females per 1000 males

(C) 918 females per 1000 males

(D) 921 females per 1000 males

81. Sagar was recently in news due to—

(A) Indian Institute of Manage­ment

(B) Indian Institute of Tech­nology

(C) Central University

(D) Technical University

82. Central Regional Council of Sports Authority of India is located at—

(A) Indore (B) Jabalpur

(C) Gwalior (D) Bhopal

83. In the following list of numerals, how many 2’s are followed by 1’s but not preceded by 4 ?


(A) Two (B) Three

(C) Four (D) Five

84. A number is greater than 3 but less than 8. Also, it is greater than 6 but less than 10. The number is—

(A) 5 (B) 6

(C) 7 (D) 8

85. A boy is standing at a distance of 1 m in front of a plane mirror. The distance between the boy and his image is—

(A) 2 m (B) 2·5 m

(C) 3 m (D) 3·5 m

86. Raman starts walking towards west. After walking 10 m, he turns towards North. After walking 20m, he turns towards East and walks 10m. How far is he from his original position and in which direction ?

(A) 10 m, South

(B) 20 m, South

(C) 20 m, North

(D) 10 m, North

87. If ‘Rain’ is called ‘Water’, ‘Water’ is called ‘Road’, ‘Road’ is called ‘Cloud’, ‘Cloud’ is called ‘Sky’, ‘Sky’ is called ‘Sea’ and ‘Sea’ is called ‘Path’, then where does an aeroplane fly ?

(A) Sky (B) Sea

(C) Path (D) Cloud

88. Vijay ranks seventh from the top and 28th from the bottom. How many students are there in his class ?

(A) 33 (B) 34

(C) 32 (D) 35

89. If one-seventh of one-third of a number is 5, what is 25% of 400 of the number ?

(A) 21 (B) 100

(C) 115 (D) 105

90. Anuj ranks 23rd from the top in a class of 73. What is his rank from the bottom ?

(A) 48 (B) 49

(C) 50 (D) 51

91. If Vijay says, “Viju’s mother is the only daughter of my mother”, how is Vijay related to Viju ?

(A) Brother

(B) Grandfather

(C) Father

(D) None of these

92. Seema and Meena divide a sum of Rs. 25,000 in the ratio of 3 : 2 respectively. If Rs. 5,000 is added to each of their shares, what would be the new ratio formed ?

(A) 2 : 3 (B) 3 : 4

(C) 5 : 4 (D) 4 : 3

93. ‘Fan’ is related to ‘Blades’ in the same way as ‘Wheel’ is related to—

(A) Round (B) Cars

(C) Spokes (D) Moves

94. Ramesh is taller than Ajay. Vijay is taller than Suresh and Ramesh. Who among them is the shortest ?

(A) Ramesh

(B) Suresh

(C) Ajay

(D) Cannot be determined

95. The Prolog language was deve-loped in—

(A) 1972 (B) 1970

(C) 1975 (D) 1973

96. Database Software consists of the following—

(A) 2 (B) 3

(C) 4 (D) 5

97. Backbone is connected with—

(A) Hardware

(B) Software

(C) Cyber crime

(D) Internet

98. Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA) is responsible for the development of—

(A) Website (B) Online

(C) E-mail (D) Internet

99. Web was originated in—

(A) U. S. A.

(B) India

(C) Switzerland

(D) Japan

100. Leased connection is treated as—

(A) level one connection

(B) level two connection

(C) level three connection

(D) level four connection

101. Browsers are used for—

(A) Technical people

(B) Non-technical people

(C) People need to have to remember the commands

(D) Literate people

102. E-commerce requires the follow­ing number of compo­nents—

(A) 8 (B) 6

(C) 5 (D) 7

103. Which of the following is not a search engine ?

(A) Dow Jones

(B) Yahoo

(C) Lycos

(D) Meta Grawler

104. Broad Classification of Video conferencing system consists of—

(A) 5 (B) 4

(C) 3 (D) 2

105. ‘Vaccine’ software is used to control—

(A) The multimedia defects

(B) e-mail defects

(C) Hacking defects

(D) Virus defects

106. Neuro nuer is a base book for—

(A) Online

(B) Video mail

(C) Cyberspace

(D) Virus

107. C-band transmission requires the use of—

(A) 3 GHz (B) 4 GHz

(C) 5 GHz (D) 6 GHz

108. Gopher is useful in—

(A) collecting different infor­mat­ion

(B) centralising information

(C) locating information

(D) diversifying information

109. Which of the following is not related with online services ?

(A) Computer serve

(B) Sam system

(C) America online

(D) Prodigy

110. Amarnath is situated at a height of about—

(A) 4054 m (B) 4785 m

(C) 5320 m (D) 6100 m

111. Who is the Mission Director for Chandrayaan–I ?

(A) G. Madhavan

(B) K. Radhakrishnan

(C) T. K. Alex

(D) M. Annadu Rai

112. ‘Joule’ is related to ‘Energy’ in the same way as ‘Pascal’ is related to—

(A) Volume (B) Pressure

(C) Density (D) Purity

113. A burning matchstick is brought in contact with hydrogen gas—

(A) The matchstick continues to burn brilliantly

(B) The matchstick continues to burn silently with pale blue flame

(C) Matchstick extinguishes and the gas burns with a ‘pop’ sound

(D) None of the above

114. The metal which reacts with both acid and alkali to liberate hydrogen, is—

(A) Zinc

(B) Sodium

(C) Potassium

(D) Calcium

115. The solution of ammonium chloride is—

(A) Acidic

(B) Alkaline

(C) Neutral

(D) None of these

116. The imaginary line passing through focus and the pole of a spherical mirror is called—

(A) Focal length

(B) Principal axis

(C) Aperture

(D) None of these

117. If the object is placed at focus of a concave mirror, then its image will be formed at—

(A) Between focus and the centre of curvature

(B) Between the focus and pole of the concave mirror

(C) Infinity

(D) None of the above

118. Inside water, an air bubble always behaves like—

(A) a convex lens

(B) a concave lens

(C) a flat plate

(D) None of these

119. If amw = and amg = . What will be the value of wmg ?

(A) (B)

(C) (D)

120. Electric current is given by—

(A) Charge ¥ Time

(B) Time ÷ Charge

(C) Charge ÷ Time

(D) None of these

121. Out of the following, pick the odd one out—

(A) Regeneration

(B) Budding

(C) Gametes

(D) Fission

122. The important metal used with iron to produce stainless steel is—

(A) Aluminium

(B) Chromium

(C) Tin

(D) Carbon

123. One Astronomical unit is the average distance between—

(A) Earth and the Sun

(B) Earth and the Moon

(C) Jupiter and the Sun

(D) Pluto and the Sun

124. The minimum forest cover to maintain ecological balance in the plains is—

(A) 50% (B) 40%

(C) 33% (D) 25%

125. A surge of which hormone stimulates ovulation in human females ?

(A) Luteinizing hormone

(B) Estrogen

(C) Follicle stimulating hormone

(D) Progesterone

126. Lobster belongs to which one of the following classes of orga-nisms ?

(A) Arachnids

(B) Crustaceans

(C) Insects

(D) Myriopods

127. Which of the following noble gases is not found in the atmos-phere ?

(A) Argon (B) Krypton

(C) Radon (D) Xenon

128. The oxide of which of the following elements is used as a coolant ?

(A) Silicon

(B) Nitrogen

(C) Carbon

(D) Phosphorous

129. The value of which one of the following quantities remains same in all systems of units ?

(A) Acceleration due to gravity

(B) Specific gravity

(C) Pressure

(D) Density

130. The 40th Gyanpith award was awarded to—

(A) Arundhati Rai

(B) Rahman Rahi

(C) I. S. Dhillo

(D) Yamuna Devi

131. Sri S. K. Roongta is concerned with—

(A) Maruti Udyog Ltd.




132. Wockhardt is engaged in the manufacture of—

(A) Automobiles

(B) Drugs

(C) Mobiles

(D) Chemicals

133. The year ……would be observed as science literacy decade all over the country.

(A) 2008–2017

(B) 2010–2019

(C) 2009–2018

(D) 2007–2016

134. Navaratna Status is concerned with—

(A) Joint Venture Companies

(B) Private Sector Companies

(C) Public Sector Companies

(D) Power Sector Companies

135. Du Pont is based at—

(A) China (B) Japan

(C) India (D) U. S. A.

136. Warren Buffett is a/an—

(A) Investor

(B) Industrialist

(C) Promoter

(D) Politician

137. Who is the Chairman of Law Commission of India ?

(A) P. V. Reddy

(B) Venkatraman

(C) Rangnathan

(D) R. C. Lahoti

138. The Philadelphia Inquirer in USA is a—

(A) Daily Newspaper

(B) Weekly Magazine

(C) Monthly Magazine

(D) Annual Report

139. Sri Rajeev Chandra Shekhar is associated with—

(A) CII (B) Assocham


140. Prime Minister of China is—

(A) Wen Jiabao

(B) Hu Jintao

(C) Mu Findui

(D) Chou Sonio

141. Dr. D. Subba Rao is currently associated with—

(A) Public Life

(B) Banking

(C) Medical Profession

(D) University Grants Commis­sion

142. World Environment Day is observed on—

(A) June 1

(B) June 5

(C) June 15

(D) None of these

143. Who is the author of the book ‘Sea of Poppies’ ?

(A) Namita Gokhale

(B) Shashi Tharoor

(C) Amitav Ghosh

(D) Indrajit Hazra

144. Kroner is the currency of—

(A) France (B) Denmark

(C) Sweden (D) Norway

145. Which one of the following is known as the ‘Coffee port’ of the world ?

(A) Sao Paulo

(B) Santos

(C) Rio de Janeiro

(D) Buenos Aires

146. Which city is known as the ‘energy capital’ of Madhya Pradesh ?

(A) Rewa (B) Satna

(C) Sidhi (D) Katni

147. Which plants have nitrogen fixing capacity ?

(A) Rice and Wheat

(B) Maize and Sugarcane

(C) Gram and other pulses

(D) Jute and Rice

148. The 195th independent country is—

(A) Bolivia (B) East Timor

(C) Tibet (D) Kosovo

149. Who among the following Mughal Kings had sent Raja Ram Mohan Roy as his envoy to London ?

(A) Alamgir II

(B) Shah Alam II

(C) Akbar II

(D) Bahadur Shah II

150. The term for the practice of giving contract for the land revenue collection was—

(A) Theka (B) Ijara

(C) Zabti (D) Kankut

Answers With Hints

1. (A) 2. (C) 3. (C) 4. (C) 5. (B)

6. (B) 7. (C) 8. (D) 9. (A) 10. (B)

11. (D) 12. (D) 13. (B) 14. (C) 15. (A)

16. (C) 17. (B) 18. (A) 19. (B) 20. (B)

21. (D) 22. (C) 23. (A) 24. (D) 25. (B)

26. (D) 27. (C) 28. (B) 29. (D) 30. (D)

31. (C) 32. (B) 33. (D) 34. (D) 35. (B)

36. (A) 37. (A) 38. (D) 39. (C) 40. (B)

41. (C) 42. (C) 43. (C) 44. (D) 45. (C)

46. (D) 47. (D) 48. (D) 49. (C) 50. (C)

51. (B) 52. (C) 53. (A) 54. (B) 55. (B)

56. (B) 57. (B) 58. (A) 59. (B) 60. (C)

61. (C) 62. (C) 63. (C) 64. (B) 65. (A)

66. (D) 67. (B) 68. (C) 69. (B) 70. (D)

71. (B) 72. (C) 73. (D) 74. (C) 75. (D)

76. (D) 77. (A) 78. (B) 79. (B) 80. (A)

81. (C) Sagar was recently in news due to the university is declared as a central university w.e.f. 15th January, 2009.

82. (D)

83. (C) The list of numerals is as follows :


Reqd. no. of 2’s (followed by one but not preceded by 4) = 4 (four).

84. (C) Let the required number be x. As per question,

3 < x < 8 and 6 < x < 10 Hence 6 < x < 8 \ x = 7 85. (A) 86. (C) Raman starts walking from O towards west 10 m and reached at A. Then he turned towards North and after walking 20 m, reached at B. Again he turns towards East and walks 10 m and reached at C. Required final position = OC = 20 metre, North 87. (B) As per question—‘Sky’ is called ‘Sea’. Hence, an Aeroplane does fly in ‘Sea’. 88. (B) Total no. of students in his class = 7 + 28 – 1 = 34 89. (D) Let the required number be x. Then, Q ¥ ¥ x = 5 fi x = 5 ¥ 21 = 105 \ 25% of 400% of x = ¥ ¥ 105 = 105 90. (D) Let the rank of Anuj from the bottom be xth. Then, Q 73 = 23 + x – 1 fi x = 73 – 22 = 51 91. (D) Vijay says = Viju’s mother is the only daughter of my mother = ‘Viju’s mother is only sister of mine.’ Hence, Vijay related of Viju = Maternal uncle (None of these) 92. (D) As per question, Share of seema = ¥ 25000 = Rs. 15000 Share of meena = ¥ 25000 = Rs. 10,000 \ Required new ratio = = = 4 : 3 93. (C) ‘Fan’ is related to ‘Blades’, in the same way as wheel’ is related to ‘Spokes’. 94. (D) Q Vijay is taller than suresh and Ramesh (i.e. Vijay > Suresh, Vijay > Ramesh)

Ramesh is taller than Ajay. (i.e.) Ramesh > Ajay.

But Suresh and Ajay are not related.

\ who is shortest among them

= cannot be determined.

95. (A) 96. (D) 97. (D) 98. (D) 99. (A)

100. (C) 101. (D) 102. (C) 103. (D) 104. (C)

105. (D) 106. (A) 107. (B) 108. (C) 109. (B)

110. (A) 111. (D) 112. (B) 113. (C) 114. (A)

115. (A) The aqueous ammonium chloride solution is mildly acidic.

116. (B) 117. (C) 118. (B)

119. (B) wmg =



120. (C) 121. (C)

122. (B) Stainless steel—It consists of 70–90% iron and 12–20% chromium.

123. (A) An astronomical unit is a unit of length equal to about 149,597,871 km or 92,955,807 miles. It is the mean distance between the earth and the Sun over one Earth orbit.

124. (C) 125. (B) 126. (B) 127. (A) 128. (B)

129. (B) 130. (B) 131. (B) 132. (B) 133. (C)

134. (C) 135. (B) 136. (A) 137. (A) 138. (A)

139. (C) 140. (A) 141. (B) 142. (B) 143. (C)

144. (D) 145. (B) 146. (C) 147. (C) 148. (D)

149. (C) 150. (B)

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