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Exam Paper/Exam Pattern of BIS (Bureau Of Indian standards)

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Exam Paper/Exam Pattern of BIS (Bureau Of Indian standards)
BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS(BIS) written examination of 2½ hrs duration at their own expense. The question paper will be of two parts with a total of 120 objective type questions with multiple choice answers.
Part I - consists of 80 questions on respective technical discipline as mentioned in the advertisement.
Part II - consists of 40 questions on aptitude/analytical reasoning including

Solved Exam papers- BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards)
Sample Questions

Q.1 What does "196 " the number correspond to in terms of Carat,

when seen on gold jewellery?

a. 24 carat

b. 22 carat

c. 18 carat

d. 14 carat

Q.2. For which former Prime Minister is the country’s highest national award for

quality, set up by the BIS in 1991, named?

a. Indira Gandhi

b. Jawaharlal Nehru

c. Lal Bahadur Shastri

d. Rajiv Gandhi

Q.3. What specific product or set of products are governed by the IS codes

15627:2005, 15633:2005, and 15636:2005?

a. Automotive vehicle tyres

b. Jewellery

c. Packaged milk

d. Watches and clocks

Q.4. Which IS/ISO standard governs the quality of environmental management


a. 14001

b. 9001

c. 1417

d. 22001

Q.5. Which day is celebrated as World Standards Day across the planet?

a. August 15

b. October 14

c. October 24

d. November 19

Q.6. Which American statistician is sometimes called ‘The father of Quality

control and management’, and has a quality award in Japan named for him?


Q7 What is full form of ‘ISO’?

Q8 What was the earlier name of Bureau of Indian Standards?

Q9 What is the difference between ‘ISO 9000 standards’ and ‘IS/ISO 9000


Q10 The Standard Mark ‘ISI’ can be used on product(s) by :

a) Leading manufacturers in India

b) All Manufacturers of quality products

c) BIS Product Certification Licence holders

d) Traders selling quality products

e) All of the above

Q 11 What is the number of Indian Standard (IS) marked alongwith ISI mark on

Domestic LPG stoves?


1 (b); 2 (d); 3 (a); 4 (a); 5 (b); 6 Dr. W. Edwards Deming;

7 International Organization for Standardization;

8 Indian Standards Institution ; 9 No difference; 10 (c);

and 11 IS 4246

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