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SAMEER (Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering & Research)PLACEMENT PAPER FOR COMPUTER SCIENCE(CSE)-2011

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SAMEER (Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering & Research)PLACEMENT PAPER FOR COMPUTER SCIENCE(CSE)-2011
Today means on 19th august i appeared for Sameer exam for Computer science in IIT Powai Mumbai.
Cleared writtten test and had interview...result will be declared minimum after 1 month(as said by one of the employee of sameer).

QP was totally technical like GATE Paper, It comprises of 25 questions.Each questions are of 2 marks and no negative marking.
Total 50 marks and time is 45 minutes.

Questions are on Data structure,computer network,computer organisation,automata,operating system and 1 question on programming.

Interview also cool...questions asked basic OS,N/w, Computer organisation.

Total candidates appeared for this exam was 38 that 17 got cleared in written test.

1.(1217)8 is equivalent to... ans (028F)16
2. How many 32K* 1 RAM chips r needed to provide a memory capacity of 256K bytes? ans 64
3.a cpu generally handles interrupt..ans by checking interrupt reg after finishing current instr executio
regular expression--> lexical
pushdown automata--> syntax
dataflow analysis--> code optimization
5.progmming question fn(5,1)...wht to print output?
6.Html table tag
..then question like no. of rows in each coloumn and number of coloumns in each row
7.graph question..asked not added to MST using kruskal algorithm
8. one numerical ..capacity..dram chip..find time to perform refresh ? data structure question like binary tree..what will be the number of nodes in tree that hve exactly one child?
10.ds in compiler to manage infr about variables and their attribute? database questiontwo tables given and query was given...we have to find query returned by the table?
12. one class subnetting question then askd a & B of same n/w
13. computer organisation question cache miss occur..find total time question
14.not client server..ans PINg
15.gobackn Arq numerical type question
16.unix command..hobbies ..
17 unix command question again
18. command is given head,rcpt....we hve to find option...ans http,smtp
19.4 option we have to find which is false about bridge?
20. one clock signal diagram question we have to find Input from the options?
21.not shared by thread of same process? ans stack
22.true about CSMA CD
23tcp/ip not ip header question
24.LAN data rate numerical
25.token ring related numerical

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