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Solved Previous year Question paper of Computer Science in Government Exam

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1. The size of an ATM cell is ---------- bytes.

(a) 25 (b) 32 (c) 53 (d) 64

2. “Stored program concept is attributed to :

(a)Ken Thompson (b) Dennis Ritchie (c) Von Neumann (d) Edsger Dijkstra

3. In a UNIX system, the macro htons is used to :

(a) Convert a short number from host to network order
(b) Convert a long number from host to network order
(c) Convert a short number from network to host order
(d) Convert a long number from network to host order

4. The cache which is on the same chip as the processor is called :

(a) L1 (b) L2 (c)L3 (d)None of these

5. Which level of RAID uses mirroring to achieve redundancy?

(a) 0 (b)1 (c)2 (d)3

6. Which IEEE standard is refers to fast Ethernet?

(a) 802.1 (b) 802.3b (c) 802.3u (d) 802.12

7. The new generation Intel processor with the IA-64 architecture is called :

(a) Itanium (b) Pentium 4 (c) Athlon (d)Xeon

8. A MAC address is ---------bytes long:

(a)4 (b)6 (c)8 (d)12

9. RARP is used to convert:

(a) IP address to MAC address (b) MAC address to IP address

(c) IP address to port number (d) Port number to IP address

10. Which among the following is an NP-Complete problem?

(a)3SAT Problem (b) Traveling Salesman

(d) Graph 3-coloring (d) All of the above

11. The solution to the count-to-infinity problem in which a router never advertises the cost of a destination to its neighbour N, if N is the next hop to that destination, is called :

(a) Triggered update (b) Source tracing (c) Split-horizon (d) Path vector

12. A compiler which runs on one machine and produces target code for another is called a :

(a)Bootstrapping compiler (b) Just-in-time compiler
(c)Cross compiler (d) Optimizing compiler

13. Which among the following is an interior routing protocol ?


14. The maximum length (in bytes) of an IP packet:

(a)255 (b)1023 (c)32767 (d)65535

15. Which among the following is not a type of HTTP request ?


16. Which among the following is not a real time operating system ?

(a)RT-Linux (b)VxWorks (c) Solaris (d)Lynx

17. What is returned by a fork() call to the child process ?

(a)0 (b)Process-id-pf parent (c)Process-id of child (d)-1

18. The degree of multiprogramming is controlled primarily by ?

(a)Short-term scheduler (b)Medium-term scheduler

(c)Long-term scheduler (d) Disk scheduler

19. Which of the following is a high-level synchronization concept ?

(a)Interrupt (b)Semaphore (c)Mutex (d)Monitor

20. Paging solves the problem of:

(a)Thrashing (b)Page faults (c)Internal fragmentation (d)External fragmentation
21. For some page –replacement algorithms, the page-fault rate may increase as the number of allocated frames increases. This is known as :

(a)Thrashing (b)Swapping (c)Belady’s anomaly (d)Fragmentation

22. The Unix incode contains-------pointers to data blocks and -----pointers to indirect blocks.

(a)10,3 (b)10,5 (c)12,3 (d)15,5

23. Which of the following disk scheduling algorithms may result instarvation?

(a)FCFS (b)Shortest-seek-time-first (c)SCAN (d)C-SCAN

24. An RPC uses------------to execute a routine on a remote system.

(a)FTP (b)TFTP (c)TCP (d)UDP

25. ‘Location transparency’ in distributed systems means that :

(a) Name of the file does not reveal any hint of its physical storage location
(b) Name of the file does not need to be changed when the storage location changes
(c) The storage location can be understood from the name of the file
(d) Name of the file will change if the storage location changes

26. The BSD version of UNIX was developed by :
(a)Bell Labs (b)MIT (c)University of Berkeley (d) Sun Microsystems

27. An example of a file system whose contents are not actually stored anywhere, but are computed on demand is :

(a)NTFS (b)NFS (c)proc (d)ext3

28. Which among the following is a type of top-down parsing ?

(a)Predictive parsing (b)Shift-reduce parsing
(c)Operator precedence parsing (d) LR parsing

29. If r and s are regular expressions denoting languages L(r) and L(s), then (r)|(s) is a regular expression denoting :

(a)L(r) U L(s) (b)L(r) L(s) (c){E} (d) L(rs)

30. What will the following program fragment output?

Integer i=new integer (5);
Integer j=new Integer (5);
If (i==j)System.out.println(“Equal”);
else System.out.println(“Not equal”);

(b)Not Equal

(c) Equal
Not equal
(d) The program doesn’t compile= = can’t be used with references

31. A grammar with the property that no production right side has two adjacent non-terminals is called:

(a) Context-free grammar (b) Context sensitive grammar

(d) Operator Grammar (d) Regular grammar

32. Yacc is a :

(a) Lexical analyzer generator (b) Parser generator
(b)Macro preprocessor (d) Code optimizer

33. ----------uses an FAT for file allocation.
(a)OS/2 (b) Linux (c) Unix (d)Solaris

34. Which among the following is true of LL (1) grammar?
(a)ambiguous (b)not ambiguous (d)sometimes ambiguous (d)left-recursive

35. Apple Computer’s version of the high-performance serial bus used to connect devices to the personal computer is :

(a)Fire Wire (b) High-Performance Parallel Interface

(c) Parallel sysplex (d) iLINK

36. Which among the following is a set of ANSI parallel interfaces that allow personal computers to communicate with peripheral hardware?

(a) UPnP (b) SCSI (c) ISRC (d) ASPI

37. Which among the following is false?

(a)A relation scheme can be in Third Normal Form but not in Boyce-Codd Normal Form (BCNF)
(b)Every BCNF relation scheme is in Third Normal Form.

(c) BCNF provides freedom from insertion and deletion anomalies.

(d) If a relation scheme has partial dependencies, it is in Second Normal Form.

38. A foreign key imposes a specific kind of integrity to related tables. What is the name of this integrity?

(a) Schema (b) Referential (c) Expatriate (d) Data
39. Which among the following is a high-bandwidth interface between a computer and a hard disk or a tape device? The latest version of this interface supports RAID.

(a) Intelligent Peripheral interface (b) Small Computer System Interface

(c) RS-232C (d) Centronics parallel interface

40. The-------consists of individual user views of portions of the database.

(a)User-level Schema (b) Internal-level Schema
(c)External-level Schema (d) Conceptual –level schema

41. An attribute that is used as a linkage from records in one table to a record in another table is specified as the----------

(a)Pointer field(b)Foreign Key (c)Secondary Key (d)Primary Key

42. Data is stored on computer systems in files. The two basic file types are :

(a) Master and Database (b)Master and Transaction
(c) Transaction and DBMS (d)Master File and Accounts Receivable File

43. Which of the following statements in not true with respect to the characeristics of the Master and the Transaction files ?

(a)A transaction files contain records that hold the details of daily events affecting an attribute of the master file
(b)A master file should only contain data that are of a permanent or semi-permanent nature
(c) A transaction file is similar to a ledger in a manual accounting system
(d) Records in the transaction file are used to update some of the data in the master file.

44. Which of the following cannot be blank (Null) ?

(a) Foreign Key (b)Secondary Key (c)Primary Key (d)Connecting Key

45. Every DBMS provides for the three basic functions of creating, modifying and querying the database. Sets of commands (languages) exist to perform each of the three functions. Select the option that matches the order of the languages to the order of the functions: querying, creating and modifying the database.


46. Third normal form is a tem used to describe :

(a)a database that is well structured
(b)a model that has been through three revisions.
(c) a table that has three columns
(d)a package containing the three levels of schema

47. A plug-and –play interface that allows you to add a new device such as a scanner or printer to your computer without having to add an adapter card or even having turn the computer off is :

(a) Audio/Modem Riser (b)Universal Serial Bus

(c) PCMCIA Card (d)Virtual deice driver

48. The microchip that controls a computer’s interface to its attached serial devices is :

(a)Virtual Device driver
(b)Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
(c)Serial presence detect
(d)Bus master

49. Anomalies can occur in a poorly designed database. One type of anomaly occurs when the removal of a record in the customer table inadvertently removes information about sales. What is the name of this anomaly ?

(a)Erase anomaly (b)Delete anomaly

(c)Update anomaly (d)Insert anomaly

50. “Get me the date attribute of the third tuple in the sales order relation”. What is being requested ?

(a)The person wants the value in the date field of the third table that is related to sales order

(b)The person wants the value in the date field in the third row of the sales order item table.

(c)The person wants the value in the date field of the third record inthe sales order table.

(d)The person wants the value in the date field of the third sales order that is related to the sales order item table.

51. The file-oriented approach to data storage creates a set of files for each application program. The database approach combines all of the files in a database and lets the application programs get the data that they needs through a DBMS. Which of the following statements is correct?

(a) The database approach separates the logical view of data from the physical view

(b) The database approach reduces the amount of redundancy in an organization

(c) The database approach views data as an organizational resource that should be managed by the organization rather than by individual departments.

(d) All of the above are correct
52. When is the TTL field in an IP packet decremented?

(a) Each time the packet is forwarded
(b) Once every second
(c) When a packet reached destination
(d) When a packet is discarded.

53. Which protocol is used to carry error messages from the metwork to an IP source ?

(a)FTP (b)TFTP (c)ICMP (d)UDP

54. In which cache mapping method is it possible to load each main memory block to any line of the cache ?

(a)Direct Mapping (b) Associative mapping

(c)Set-associative mapping (d)None of the above

55. The capacity of a double-sided dual- layer DVD-ROM is :

(a)660MB (b)4.7GB (c) 8.5GB (d)17 GB

56. Which among the following chips is aProgrammable Peripheral Interface ?

(a)82C55A (b)82C59A (c)82C53 (D)8257A

57. Which among the folowwing is a little-endian machine ?

(a)DEC Alpha (b)IBM System 370 (c)Sun SPARC (d)Motorola 680x0

58. Hexadecimal equivalent of the decimal number 204.125 is :

(a)BD.201 (b)CC.201 (d)CC.1A (d)CC.2

59. Decimal equivalent of the binary number 11100.101 is :

(a)28.575 (b)28.625 (c)28.75 (d)28.875

60. Which of the following is TRUE about the switch statement in Java ?

(a) A default sends execution immediately to the end of the switch statement
(b) A break sends execution immediately to the end of the switch statement
(c) A case sends execution immediately to the end of the switch statement
(d) A break sends execution immediately to the end of the next case.

61. Among these Java expressions, which is of type String ?

(a) “0” (b)”ab”+”cd” (c)’0’ (d) (a) and (b)

62. Which among the following is false ?

(a) No LR(1) grammar can be ambiguous
(b) Every LL(1) grammar is an LR(1) grammar
(c) The regular expressions (a/b)* and (a*/b*)* are equivalent.
(d) Not all grammars can be converted to an equivalent operator grammar

63. The interface of a class refers to :

(a) the list of all of the fields and methods of the class
(b) the list of all of the public fields and public methods of the class
(c) the list of all of the private fields and public methods of the class
(d) the list of all of the private fields and private methods of the class

64. Consider the following Java code fragement.

Rectangle r1=new Rectangle();
Rectangle r2=r1;

After the above code is executed, what are the colors of r1 and r2 (in this order) ?

(a)Color.blue, Color.red (b)Color.blue, Color.blue

(c)Color.blue, Color.red (d)Color.red, Color.blue

65. What is the type and value of the following Java expression?


(a) int -5 (b)double -4.5 (c)int -4 (d)double -5.0

66. Consider the two Java methods(within the same class):

Public int foo(int a, String s)
{ s=”Yellow”;a=a+2;return a;)}
Public void bar()
{ int a =3;
String s=”Blue”;
A=foo(a,s); System.out.println(“a=”+a+”s=”+s);}

What is printed?

(a) a=3 s=Blue
(b) a=5 s=Yellow
(c) a=3 s=Yellow
(d) a=5 s=Blue

67. Using De Morgan’s law, how would you rewrite the following:
Conditional statement? (i.e. rewrite the statement using && instead of || )
(c!=’n’ && z+2<=5)

(a) !(c!=’n’ || z+2<=5) (b) !(c= =’n’ || z+2>=5)

(c) !(c!=’n’ || z+2<5) (d) !(c==’n’ || z+2>5)

68. IEEE 802.11 standard is known as :

(a)CSMA/CA (b)CSMA/CD (c)Bluetooth (d)Token bus

69. Which of the following protocols is used to share the same IP address among different computers (as long as they are not simultaneously active)?

(a)NFS (b)DHCP (c)TFTP (d)SNMP

70. Ipc6 uses ----------bit addresses.

(a)32 (b)64 (c)128 (d)256

71. Consider the following Java class definition:

Public class Myclass{
private int value;
public void setValue(int i){/*code*/}
//Other methods…}

The method setValue assigns the value of i to the instances field value. What could you write for the implementation of setValue?

(a) value=I; (b)this.value=I; (c)value= = I; (d) (a) and (b)

72. Consider the following truth table for a logical operator “implies”:

P Q P implies Q





Which of the following java conditional expressions would reproduce the above truth table ?

(a) P || Q (b) (!P) &&(!Q) (c)(!P) || Q (d)P && (!Q)

73. Which among the following involves modifying your computer so that the microprocessor runs faster than the manufacturer-specified speed ?

(a) thrashing (b)debouncing (c)stepping (d)overclocking

74. Which was the first processor to be shipped with a 1 gigahertz clock speed ?

(a)Athlon (b)BeOS (c)Crusoe (d)Pentium

75. Which among the following involve the continuous and somewhat overlapped movement of instructions to the processor?

(a) flow control (b)cyclic redundancy checking
(c) inverse multiplexing (d) pipelining

76. The data path and physical interface between the processor and the L1 and L2 memory is called :

(a)Backlink (b)Backside bus (c)CardBus (d)Virtual memory

77. A group of microchips designed to work as a unit to perform one or more related functions is called :

(a)Biochip (b)Bus (c)Chipset (d)Diode

78. On a PC the keyboard and mouse are connected through ----------interface.

(a)QWERTY (b)Serial (c)TWAIN (d)Parallel

79. An interconnection system between a microprocessor and attached devices in which expansion slots are spaced closely for high speed operation is :

(a)Peripheral Component Interconnect (b)Input/Output Supervisor

(c) Jumper block (d)12C bus

80. A term for technologies in which human neural activity or states would effectively be an input peripheral for a computer is :

(a)Machine vision (b)Wearable computer
(c)Artificial intelligence (d)Brain-Machine interface

81. Which among the following is a boot loader ?

(a)LILO (b)MBR (c)FAT (d)POST

82. Which among the following is the fastest sorting method ?

(a)Heapsort (b)Insertion sort (c)Selection sort (d)Bubble Sort

83. Who developed the concept of semaphores ?

(a)Dekker (b)Tanenbaum (c)Kruskal (d)Dijkstra

84. Which among the following is not object oriented ?

(a)Java (b)Smalltalk (c)Delphi (d)LISP

85. Which among the following is used for file sharing among different platforms ?

(a)NTFS (b)FAT (c)ext3 (d)SAMBA

86. Which among the foillowing SQL commands is a projection operation ?


87. Which among the following is a clipping algorithm ?

(a)Kruskal’s (b)Cohen-Sutherland (c)Dijkstra’s (d)Prim’s

88. Which is not a comparison based sort ?

(a)Radix Sort (b)Quick sort (c) Heap Sort (d)Merge Sort

89. The worst case time of Quick sort is ?

(a)O(n log n) (b)O(n2) (c)O(n2 log n) (d)O(n2)

90. The port number used by SMTP is :

(a)21 (b)23 (c)25 (d)80

91. Which among the following problems is undecidable ?

(a) Given a grammar G and a string w, to determine whether w is in L(G)
(b) Given a grammar G1 and G2, to determine whether L(G1)=L(G2)
(c) For an arbitrary grammar G, to determine whether L(G) is empty.
(d) All of the above.

92. Which algorithm is used to form a minimum spanning tree ?

(a)Prim’s algorithm (b)Strassen’s algorithm
(c)Dijkstra’s algorithm (d)Stirling’s formula

93. In linux, the daemon which runs user programs at periodic scheduled times is :

(a) named (b)Ipd (c)crond (d)gated

94. Which of the following is a screen, attached externally to a monitor, that plugs into a serial or Universal Serial Bus(USB) port or a bus card installed inside the computer ?
(a) digiboard (b)patch panel (c)Source-route transparent bridging
(d)touch screen

95. The designation for an electronics standard for connecting devices to your personal computer is :

(a) Universal Serial Bus (b)IEEE 1394
(c) Universal Plug and Play (d) Attachment unit interface

96. In a Java program, you read the following statement that compiles and executes:
Cookie cookie=new Cookie(“chocolate chips”);
What can you conclude?

(a)Cookie is the name of the class
(b)Cookie is a primitive type variable

(c) The Cookie class must have a constructor that has one formal parameter of type String

(d) (a) and (c)

97. You are programming a game of dice in Java. You need to generate a random integer that can be 1,2,3,4,5 or 6.

Which of the following expression would you select ?

(a)math.random( )*6 (b)((int)Math.random( ))*6+1

(c) (int)(Math.random( )*6) +1 (d) (int)(Math.random( )+6)

98. Which among the following is not an e-mail protocol ?

(a)POP3 (b)SMTP (c) IMAP (d)SNMP

99. In linux, what does runlevel 6 of init do ?

(a)reboot (b)single-user mode (c)multi-user mode (d)shutdown

100. Which among the following products is a proxy server?

(a)Squid (b)Apache (c)Pine (d)IIS


Category Number 161/2009 held in 03-04-2009

1. In a memory, the minimum time delay between the initiation of successive memory operations is:
cycle time

2. The first Operating System used in Microprocessor based system was:
3. The Boolean expression A(B+C)+AB+AC is independent of the Boolean variable:

4. A byte addressable computer has memory capacity of 4096 KB and can perform 64 operations. An instruction involving 3 memory operands and one operator needs:
72 bits

5. Which addressing mode used in an instruction of the form ADD X, Y?

6. The addressing mode used in the stack related instruction PUSH B is:
Register indirect

7. Parallel printers use:
Centronics interface

8. An assembler that runs on one machine, but generating code for another machine is called:
Cross assembler

9. A computer with a 32 bit wide data bus implements its memory using 8 K x 8 static RAM chips. The smallest memory that this computer can have is:
32 KB

10. To construct a binary Mod-N counter, the number of flip-flops needs is:

11. The total number of possible ordered trees using 3 nodes A,B,C is :

12. The binary search algorithm is of order:
log n

13. The minimum number of edges in a connected cyclic graph on N vertices is :

14. The execution time of a recursive algorithm is given as:
T(n)=c+T(n-1), if n>1
=d, if n≤1
The order of the algorithm is :

15. Assuming 2 sorted lists of sizes ‘S1 ’ and ‘S2’, the worst case number of comparisons needed by the merge sort algorithm is :

S1+S2 -1

16. If an M x N matrix is stored in column major form, the index calculation required to access the (i, j)th entry is :

M .(j-1)+i

17. Four different algorithms L1, L2, L3 and L4 with orders of log(n), log{log(n)}, n log(n) and n/log(n) respectively have been proposed to solve a specified problem. Which of these is the best one?

18. The principle of locality of reference is cited to justify the usage of :
Cache memory

19. On a particular system, using Quick sort, if it takes 100 msec to sort 1000 records, time taken to sort 100 records will be :

20. In traversing a tree using Breadth First Search, the data structure used is :

21. In a data base, the column of a table is referred to as the :


22. The part of a program which accesses a shared resource and which should be executed indivisibly is called :

Critical section
23. In a database design, if every non-key attribute is functionally dependent on the primary key, then the relation will be in :

Third normal form
24. An attribute of one table matching the primary key of another table is known as :

Foreign Key

25. Given the functional dependencies X →Y; Y→Z; X →W and Z →AB, which of the following does not hold good ?

W → Z
26. SQL stands for --------------Query Language.


27. In SQL databases, the memory area used for internal processing is called?


28. The number of relationships in which an entity can appear in an E-R diagram is called its:


29. The process of analyzing, archived data to obtain tactical and strategic information is often called?

Data mining

30. If a relation is in Boyce-Codd normal form, then it is also in?

3rd Normal form

31. RAID is a standard used in the design of?

Disk Memory

32. In an OS, the process of buffering data intended for a peripheral device, onto a disk area, for later bulk transfer is known as :


33. Kernel in Operating System is :

A set of primitive functions upon which OS functions are built.

34. Which of the following scheduling policy is most suited for a time sharing OS?

Round Robin

35. For real time OS, which of the following is the most suitable scheduling scheme ?

36. In a paged memory, access times of primary and secondary memories are 10ns and 100ns respectively. If the average access time is 23.5 nsec, hit ratio is :


37. The size of the virtual memory depends on the size of :

Address bus

38. Three processes A, B, C have peak time demands of 3, 4, 6 resource units respectively of a particular type. What is the minimum number of resources to be provided to ensure that deadlock never occurs?


39. A computer has 8 MB in main memory, 128 KB cache with block size of 4KB. If direct mapping scheme is used, how many different main memory blocks can map into a given physical cache block?

40. The technique that allows only one user to work with a file at a particular time is called :


41. The UNIX operating system was first installed in :

42. MS-DOS makes use of a hardware ROM containing device drivers called :


43. In UNIX, which of the following system calls transform an executable binary file into a process?

44. Berkeley UNIX is popularly known as?

BSD Unix

45. In UNIX, ‘grep’ program is used for implementing :


46. TSR software refers to:

Terminate and Stay Resident

47. Unix and MS-DOS file system differ in the following feature:

Mounted file systems

48. In DOS, file allocation is carried out using?


49. In UNIX ‘link’ refers to :

New directory entry pointing to an existing file

50. For implementing recursion in a programming language, its compiler uses the following data structure extensively:

51. In a hypothetical language, assume that all arithmetic operators have equal precedence and associate to the left. The expression 6x3-2-1x2 evaluates to :


52. Which of the following instructions is redundant (can be implemented by other conventional ones) ?

Clear x

53. BNF is a meta language for :

Specifying a context free grammar

54. In JAVA language, what will be result of evaluating the expression 25 & 13?


55. In JAVA , after execution of the following statements, the values of x, m, and n will be :

int x, m, n;
m=10; n=15;
x=++m +n++;

x=26, m=11,n=16

56. What will be the output of the following JAVA code?

byte x=64, y;


57. Hot Java is a:

Web browser

58. Which of the following typecasts result in loss of information?

float to int

59. JAVA toolkit package containing classes that implement platform independent GUI is :


60. The JAVA language was originally called:

61. A program Graph has ‘start’ and ‘end’ nodes. The total number of paths from start to end is equivalent to the -----------set of test data required to test the software.


62. In a Program Graph, ‘X’ is an if-then-else node. If the number of paths from start node to X is ‘p’ number of paths from if part to end node is ‘q’ and from else part to end node is ’r’, the total number of possible paths through X is :


63. The quality of a software which causes it to continue to operate despite application of invalid input is called:


64. A program P calls 2 subprograms P1 and P2. If P1 can fail 50% of the times and P2, 40% of the times, P can fail -----------of the times.


65. Consider a Program Graph (PG) with statements as nodes and control as edges. Which of the following is not true for any PG?

Always acyclic

66. In program design, if the number of conditions in a decision table is ‘n’, the maximum number of rules(columns) possible is :


67. In Data Flow Diagrams(DFD), the procedure of expanding a process in the DFD into a set of equivalent smaller processes is called:


68. In programming languages, literal means:

String Constant

69. In Object Oriented Software Design, which of the following is not true?

An object can belong to 2 classes

70. Consider the program segment comprising of 3 statements:

y=y-x where x and y are integers. Execution of these 3 statements do the following ?

Swap the contents of x and y

71. What will be the output of execution of the following statements in C?

for (i=3;i<15;i+=3)
{printf(“% d”, i);

3 7 11

72. In C, puts (arg V[0]; prints the :

File name of executable code file

73. Who is credited with the creation of WWW?

Tim Berners-Lee

74. Which of the following is not a web browser?

(a)Lynx (b)Mosaic (c)Netscape Navigator (d)HTML


75. MIME is associated with the following :

E mail

76. The mode of communication in which transmission can be bidirectional. But in only one direction at a time is called:

Half Duplex

77. Error detection at the data link layer is achieved using?

CRC codes

78. In Serial communication, start and stop bits are used for ?

79. In a transmitter, the unmodulated signal is known as?

Baseband signal

80. In a computer network, routing issues are handled in?

Network Layer

81. In a computer network, functions of dialog management and synchronization are taken care of in the :

Session’s layer

82. Which of the following topologies has the highest reliability?

(a)Star (b)Bus (c)Ring (d)Mesh


83. In data communications, bauds signify ---------- rate?


84. ADSL is abbreviation for :

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

85. The topmost layer in the ISO model that needs to be implemented in an intermediate node is the -----------layer.


86. VPN denotes a :

Virtual Private Network

87. Data rate of a ring network is 20Mbps and signal propagates at 200m/┬Ásec. The number of bits that can be placed on the channel of length 200km is :


88. The frequency range over which coaxial cables are typically used is :

106 to 108 Hz

89. In internet, the well known port 21 refers to the application?


90. The maximum data rate possible through a noise free 4 kHz binary channel is :

8000 bps

91. The transparency provided in a distributed system where users cannot tell how many copies of a resource exist is termed as :

Replication transparency

92. Which of the following configurations can be said to be tightly coupled?

(a)Multicomputers (b) Workstations on a LAN
(c)Hypercubes (d) Shared memory multiprocessors

Shared memory multiprocessors

93. In distributed systems, RPC stands for?

Remote Procedure Call

94. Assume there are 4 file servers each with a 0.95 chance of being up at any instant. Probability of at least one being available is :


95. Which of the following category of classification of multiple computer systems is not generally used in practice?



96. In a distributed system, to ensure that concurrent transactions do not interfere with each other, the transactions must have the following specific property:


97. Translation Lookaside Buffer(TLB) is also called :

Associative Memory

98. In Internet Standards Terminology, RFC refers to:

Request For Comments

99. Which of the following denotes a network management protocol in an internet?

(a)SNMP (b)SMTP (c)ICMP (d)TCP

100. IEEE 802.11 is an IEEE standard for?

Wireless LAN

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