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Exam Held On : 27.07.2008

1.    Subhash Chandra Bose was born at

    (A) Cuttack   
(B) Bhubaneshwar

    (C) Baleshwar    (D)  Puri

2.    Which of the following is an inflammable gas?

    (A) H2    (B) N2

    (C) O2    (D) CO2

3.    Vivekanand rock is situated at

    (A) Rameshwaram    (B) Kanyakumari

    (C) Hyderabad    (D) Kolkata

4.    Four resistors of resistance 20 W each are arranged in parallel combination; the equivalent resistance of the combination will be

    (A) 5 W    (B) 10 W

    (C) 15 W    (D) 20 W

5.    The Ganges river is known as ---------- in Bangladesh.

    (A) Padma    (B) Indus

    (C) Cauvery    (D) Kamala

6.    At what temperature do the Celsus and Farenheit scales have same reading?

    (A) 2730    (B) -2730

    (C) -400    (D) 400

7.    Which of the following is a non-metalic ore ?

    (A) Maganese    (B) Magnessium

    (C) Silica    (D) Bauxite

8.    Which of the following metals is found in free state?

    (A) Gold    (B) Calcium

    (C) Sodium    (D) Manganese

9.    Baking powder is

    (A) Nacl    (B) NaHCO3

    (C) K2CO3    (D) NaOH

10.    Which of the following is the most tensile metal?

    (A) Gold    (B) Silver

    (C) Tungstem    (D) Copper

11.    The velocity of the sound will be maxium in

    (A) Vacuum    (B) air

    (C) water    (D) steel

12.    The maximum density of water is at

    (A) 00C    (B) 320C

    (C) -40C    (D) 40C

13.    Dynamo converts

    (A) electrical energy into mechanical energy

    (B) mechanical energy into electrical energy

    (C) sound energy into electrical energy

    (D) electrical energy into sound energy

14.    The unit work is

    (A) Watt    (B) Joule

    (C) Newton    (D) none of these

15.    Mahendra singh dhoni is related to the state of

    (A) Madhyapradesh    (B) Jharkhand

    (C) Bihar    (D) Orissa

16.    Pandit Ravishankar is related to

    (A) Sarod    (B) Sitar

    (C) Table    (D) Lute

17.    Hygrometer is used to measure

    (A) intensity of sound    (B) humidity of air

    (C) density of water    (D) electric current

18.    Which of the following has the highest specific heat?

    (A) Water    (B) Kerosene oil

    (C) Alcohol    (D) Copper

19.    The cause of an echo is

    (A) reflection of sound   

    (B) refraction of sound

    (C) absorption of sound            (D) velocity of sound

20.    Which of the following has the maximum elasticity?

    (A) Rubber    (B) Steel

    (C) Glass    (D) Marbles

21.    1 kilowatt is equal to

    (A) 2 HP    (B) 1.5 HP

    (C) 1.34 HP    (D) 1.79 HP

22.    The photelectric cell

    (A) converts electric energy into light energy

    (B) accumulates light

    (C) converts light energy into electric energy

    (D) accumulates electricity

23.    The neutral particle among the following is

    (A) proton    (B) electron

    (C) a - particles    (D) neutron

24.    A condenser is a device which

    (A) produces electric current

    (B) converts a.c. into d.c

    (C) collects electric energy

    (D) converts electric energy into chemical energy

25.    A device that converts a.c into d.c os

    (A) dynamo    (B) transformer

    (C) rectifier    (D) motor

26.    When a solid is directly converted into its gaseous state; is called

    (A) sublimation    (B) distillation

    (C) polymerisation    (D) botling

27.    Alfred Nobel invented

    (A) Dynamite    (B) Transistor

    (C) Bulb    (D) Telephone

28.    Which of the following prevents the harmful ultra violet rays coming from the sun?

    (A) Ozone    (B) Nitrogen

    (C) Oxygen    (D) Helium

29.    Which of the following is not a volatile metal?

    (A) Zn    (B) Cd

    (C) Hg    (D) Mn

30.    Salt is prepared by

    (A) sublimation    (B) evaporation

    (C) crystalisation    (D) distillation

31.    The process of layering the iron sheets by zinc is called

    (A) galvanisation    (B) elecrolysis

    (C) electroplating    (D) none of these

32.    Glycogen is stored in

    (A) blood    (B) pancreas

    (C) liver    (D) stomach

33.    A colour - blind person cannot distinguish between

    (A) green - red colours            (B) blue - green colours

    (C) blue - red colours                (D) All the colours

34.    The vitamin (s) soluble in water is/are

    (A) A; C    (B) B; C

    (C) B; D    (D) A; D

35.    The Macbeth is the composition of

    (A) Shakspeare    (B) John Milton

    (C) Tolstoy    (D) Bernard Shaw

36.    Who was the hero of the film 'Black'?

    (A) Amitabh Bachchan   

    (B) Dharmendra

    (C) Girish karnad   

    (D) Sharukh khan

37.    The colours at the ends of a rainbow are

    (A) violet - red    (B) green - red

    (C) blue - yellow    (D) green - yellow

38.    The most  abundant gas in at mosphere is

    (A) O2    (B) N2

    (C) H2    (D) CO2

39.    Guru Nanak was born in

    (A) 1468    (B) 1670

    (C) 1469    (D) 1480

40.    krishna gave the precepts of the Gita to

    (A) Karna    (B) Arjuna

    (C) Bhim    (D) Yuddhishthir

41.    The Ajanta caves ae located in

    (A) Orissa    (B) West bengal

    (C) Bihar    (D) Maharashtra

42.    The Women's Day is celebrated on

    (A) April 8    (B) March 8

    (C) April 18    (D) March 18

43.    Bob Woolmer faced death in

    (A) Pakistan    (B) West Indies

    (C) England    (D) Australia

44.    Lakshmi Nivas Mittal is a noted

    (A) Industrialish    (B) writer

    (C) singer    (D) literatteur

45.    Bill Gates is related

    (A) computer   

    (B) automobile

    (C) steel manufacturing   

    (D) none of these

46.    Fuse wire has

    (A) low resistance; high melting point

    (B) high resistance; low melting point

    (C) high resistance; high melting point

    (D) low resistance; low melting point

47.    The unit of energy is

    (A) Joule    (B) watt

    (C) Newton    (D) None of these

48.    The allotropic form of carbon is

    (A) diamond    (B) manganese

    (C) silicon    (D) none of these

49.    Heat is measured by

    (A) Calorimeter    (B) Multimeter

    (C) Anemometer    (D) Barometer

50.    Blood is filtered in

    (A) kidney    (B) pancreas

    (C) liver    (D) none of these

51.    Who propounded the theory of gravitation?

    (A) Archimedes    (B) Dalton

    (C) Newton    (D) Einstein

52.    Which planet has rings?

    (A) Mercury    (B) Venus

    (C) Earth    (D) Saturn

53.    The electric fan coverts

    (A) electric energy into chemical energy

    (B) electric energy in mechanical energy

    (C) mechanical energy into electric energy

    (D) none of these

54.    Heat is conducted by

    (A) conduction    (B) convection

    (C) radiation    (D) all of the above

55.    Stephen Hawkins is a/an

    (A) astrologer    (B) physician

    (C) singer    (D) journalist

56.    First class lever has

    (A) fulcrum in the middle

    (B) fulcrum in the beginning

    (C) weight in the middle

    (D) force in the middle

57.    Which of the following is used to make an electromagnet?

    (A) Cu    (B) Ni

    (C) Fe    (D) Co

58.    The conservation of energy implies that

    (A) energy can be created

    (B) energy can be destroyed

    (C) energy can neither be created nor destroyed

    (D) none of these

59.    Keeping the incident ray constant; the irror is rotated through 200. The reflected ray will ove through

    (A) 200    (B) 400

    (C) 600    (D) 900

60.    Bond formed by the transfer of electrons is called

    (A) electro - valent bond   

    (B) co-valent bond

    (C) co-ordinate bond

    (D) none of these

61.    Who propounded the law of multiple proportion?

    (A) Dalton    (B) Proust

    (C) Gay Lussac    (D) Richter

62.    The nights over cast by clouds are warmer than the clear sky because

    (A) heat comes to the earth after reflection from the clouds

    (B) heat is not reflected by the clouds

    (C) heat of the atmosphere is lost in the sky

    (D) none of these

63.    The woollen clothes are warm because

    (A) they are bad conductor of heat

    (B) they are good conductor of heat

    (C) they are good absorber of heat

    (D) none of these

64.    The property of magnet is

    (A) like poles repel but unlike poles attract

    (B) like poles attract but un like poles repel

    (C) the magnet shows east-west direction when suspended freely

    (D) none of these

65.    The holy book of the Sikh religion is

    (A) Guru Grantha Sahib            
(B) Quran

    (C) Zend Avesta   

    (D) Ramayana

66.    The resistance of a 250V; 100W lamp is

    (A) 0.4 W    (B) 25 W

    (C) 625 W    (D) 2.4 W

67.    The iron is chiefly found in

    (A) oranges    (B) eggs

    (C) green vegetables    (D) milk

68.    Panchayati Raj was firstly started in India in 1959 in

    (A) Rajasthan    (B) Tamilnadu

    (C) Kerala    (D) karnataka

69. The Bessemer process is used for the manufacture of

    (A) steel    
(B) slaked lime

    (C) sulphuric acid   
(D) none of these

70.    The third battle of panipat was fought between

    (A) Marathas and Aafghans   

    (B) Mughals and Afghans

    (C) Eenglish and Marathas

    (D) marathas and Bundelas


1.(A)        2.(A)    3.(B)    4.(A)    5.(A)    6.(C)        7.(C)    8.(A)    9.(B)    10.(C)    11.(D)        12.(D)    13.(B)    14.(B)    15.(B)    16.(B)        17(B)    18.(A)    19.(A)    20.(B)    21.(C)        22.(C)    23.(D)    24.(C)    25.(C)    26.(A)        27.(A)    28.(A)    29.(D)    30.(B)

31.(A)        32.(C)    33.(A)    34.(B)    35.(A)    36.(A)        37.(A)    38.(B)    39.(C)    40.(B)    41.(D)        42.(B)    43.(B)    44.(A)    45.(A)    46.(B)        47.(A)    48.(A)    49.(A)    50.(A)    51.(C)        52.(D)    53.(B)    54.(D)    55.(A)    56.(A)          57.(C)    58.(C)    59.(B)    60.(A)    61.(A)        62.(A)      63.(A)    64.(A)    65.(A)    66.(C)        67.(C)    68.(A)      69.(A)    70.(A)

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